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Beauty & The Book Interview #1 – News Reporter, Simone Jameson

Beauty and Brains – Watch My Latest Interview with Television News Reporter, Simone Jameson and See What Beauty Regimens and Tricks She Uses to Make Her On-Camera Ready!

She has beauty. She has brains and she is also a rising and established news reporter who also happens to be my big sister. 😊 In my first interview featured in the Beauty section, watch as the lovely Simone Jameson dissects her routine in what keeps her looking fab and fly on the air!

As life as a reporter can always keep you on your toes and on the go, Simone provides amazing tips surrounding her favorite makeup products and even reveals her beauty secrets that helps her remain fashionable and flawless on TV!

⚠ Please note that this interview has taken place over Instagram Live, so please excuse the live notifications and note that we have taken and answered questions from the audience as they asked. ⚠ 🤗😄 ⚠ 🔈 Please note that the sound cuts in and out when one of us (more so me) happens to talk at the same time the other is speaking, so please keep that in mind. ⚠ 🔈 (So annoying, but a courtesy of interviewing via IG Live 😩)

🎤🎥📺 If you’re interested in seeing more of Simone Jameson, please feel free to catch her live on air on WACH FOX News of Columbia, SC streaming on apps NewsOn and Stirr! 🎤🎥📺

Eyebrow Tattoos? Are They For Real?

Beauty Product Review #1 – The Eyebrow Tattoo

Courtesy of UP TRAND (a company that is seemingly no longer in business, LOL) I am proud and happy to introduce a new product that can save you lovely ladies a lot of time when it comes to achieving the perfect brow look! Eyebrow Tattoos — That is temporary eyebrow tattoos, also known as the Brows On-Fleek Tattoo.

Not only are these brows temporary, but they are also waterproof! (Please excuse my bathroom, currently under construction, LOL, and watch me give it a try!)

Such companies that offer this rare and phenomenal product are solely internet-based such as JINGLEWONDERS and BrowsByBossy, to name a few. Check out my video to see how this lovely product works.

If you are interested in purchasing your very own set of eyebrow tattoos, here are a couple sites from companies where they are sold:

Agaze Brows On-Fleek Tattoo™

Temporary Brows


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