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Natty’s Ongoing Projects

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Things take an unexpected turn when a leader of the deadliest assassin clan on Planet Samernia is captured, betrayed, and forced into completing a mission on Earth as a 19-year-old private high school student and ends up falling for one of the very targets he has been sent to eliminate.
On a desperate mission to save her ailing mother, sixteen-year-old Zarina Bello’s obsession with genies takes her on a wild adventure when she comes face-to-face with the legendary creature from an infamous African folklore after stealing his bottle from a Kenyan market.

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Our Galaxies Intertwined: Alternate Universe

Passion. Seduction. Fantasy. What happens when a young woman who’s aspiring to become a journalist chases a story into the woods and runs into an alien who changes her world?

Project Nine

Reese Hamilton is a night security guard trying to make a living after one bad mistake caused him to serve time, but what happens when he finds a mysterious woman on his patrol?

Pioneering Author & Upcoming Screenwriter

Connecting the Art of Beauty to Books

As a lover of reading, writing, and books, Natty James has been making a name for herself as a well-established author and upcoming screenwriter, making it a mission to create a platform where the arts of reading and writing can be easily promoted and where creativity and imagination can easily be encouraged.

On a journey to bring new, innovative, and creative stories to the surface, Natty is dedicating her time to helping authors connect their work to broader audiences and promote the concept of reading, a strong component in contributing to a healthy, thriving imagination. As pleasure reading has seemingly been becoming an activity that is of the past, especially among Gen Z, Natty strongly desires to introduce the world, and those who find reading books as appealing as walking barefoot on shattered glass, to books that are trendworthy and can easily fuel the fire to a profound movement of one that sparks the interests of many to come.

As an established author on various platforms with over 29k reads and counting on the interactive storytelling app, Episode, Natty dedicates her time to finding interesting new reads, across all platforms, in addition to working hard to achieve her goal of becoming a well-renowned writer easily placed along the likes of Stephanie Meyer, Nicola Yoon, and J.K Rowling with a goal to become one of the bestselling African American authors of all time.

A Proud Member of the AAMBC, Inc. (African Americans On the Move Book Club)

Brand Ambassador for The Black Writer’s Weekend, Representative for AAMBC

As a dream to bring her ideas to life, Natty strives to develop works of art centered on promoting diversity with POC as the main characters to change the narrative that stigmatizes black people by categorizing them in roles ideally suitable for the societal norm. Natty, working in combination as a brand ambassador for BWW, is working hard to break stereotypes when it comes to the development of black character roles in films and stories related to the genre of fiction and shine light on those in the writing industry.

She also works full-time as a proofreader at one of the most prestigious law firms in the country, and works on novels and screenplays surrounding the genres of fantasy, paranormal, drama, adventure, romance, and more.

Natty James is here to connect you with fascinating discoveries from the world of books and inspire women and POC to desire the highest for themselves in life by improving their self-esteem and embracing the very things that make them set apart from the crowd.