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Get Taken Away With This Futuristic Adventure – Meet FrennzyChaos

Wattpad Author Interview #3 – FrennzyChaos

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Ever wanted to read a story that will take you to a new futuristic world and beyond?

Check out my recent interview with Wattpad author, FrennzyChaos, as she explains what makes her story, Lightning Seeker, so intriguing and a unique read that captures the likes of romance, sci-fi, and a new and original adventure set in the robotic future of 2312.

1) What is your favorite genre to write stories about and why?

I love writing science fiction and fantasy set in our world. I am drawn to those genres because I love the idea of magic being real and a part of our universe. It leaves me inspired to weave magic and tech into a narrative that explains things that we don’t have explanations for. It adds such a fun filter to everything! I love creating magic rules and lore that I have to play in. I’m a sucker for magic rules because our world has rules and when you build on the rules that are already alive and real, magic just weaves into the masterpiece that is our chaotic universe really well! 🙂 Who knew rules could be so much fun!

2) What inspired you to start writing and when did you get started?

My younger sisters are my inspiration. We went on a lot of road trips as kids and when you spend HOURS in the car, you run out of “I SPY” ideas really fast. So I started to make up stories on the fly to entertain them and they loved it. Those long car rides inspired my storytelling journey. I was about eight years old when that road trip tradition started.

3) What are some challenges that you’ve faced on your writing journey?

Self-doubt. I’m sure a lot of writers understand this. As writers, we are our harshest critics. It’s truly amazing that we get anything done. But I am also my greatest champion. When I learned to be kind to myself and forgive myself for the days I couldn’t bring myself to write, stories came much faster. I still have moments where I ask myself, “Is this whole thing worth it?” But when I try to think of something I’d rather do, I come up with nothing, so I keep moving forward. 

4) How long have you been a part of the Wattpad Community?

I’ve been a part of Wattpad since December of 2018. I was on a road trip (a clear pattern considering how I got started) and decided to write a story about a girl with a secret who moved to a new state to run away from the mistakes of her past. I was driving through Northern California and I loved the landscape, so I wove it into the story and threw it up on Wattpad. One chapter for each night of the road trip.

5) What are some of the things that you enjoy about writing on Wattpad the most?

I love the community on Wattpad. I am always shocked when I upload a new chapter and people read it! It’s crazy! I spent so many years writing things in journals and then just letting them sit, that the mere idea that people see my work is mindblowing. Having readers keeps me motivated to update on a regular schedule. Meeting readers and writers from all over the world who love what I love is exciting too!

6) What are some of the things you feel like are pros about writing on Wattpad and some of the cons?

Wattpad is very user-friendly which is wonderful. It’s easy to write, update, vote, and read people’s work. I love that you can leave comments on people’s stories. It makes you feel so involved in the adventure. Like a virtual book club. And with the way things are right now, a virtual book club that you can bond over is absolutely amazing. You can also keep track of reader engagement. I know exactly where my readers tend to nod off in a book. This helps me write better chapters and adjust my story to make sure I give readers the most interesting story I can. 

The biggest thing I would love to see Wattpad adjust is the lack of “like” buttons on posts. Sometimes I feel like I am throwing an update or comment into a black hole when no one engages with it. So having a way for readers to “like” a post would make all of us feel less alone when we share posts and comments. 

7) Talk to me about your book, Lightning Seeker. Without giving anything away tell us about the plot. The characters. Etc.

“Lightning Seeker” is a mashup of Treasure Planet meets Alita Battle Angel. It is a steampunk action-adventure story about airship pirates fighting robots. In this story, our main girl Vale, sneaks onto an airship and has to prove her worth or else be thrown overboard. But things get a little complicated when an enemy AI ship threatens to destroy the crew and suddenly, being thrown overboard doesn’t sound like the worst fate. Along the way, Vale must put her trust in a mysterious boy who can’t talk if she is going to escape with her life. 

Vale is a strong female character. Something I love to write. And by strong, I don’t mean physical. I love them to have a strong heart and a lot of sass and determination. Vale is also physically strong, but that’s just a bonus. Her blunt and sassy responses tend to get her in more trouble than her physical strength. She doesn’t scare easily. 

Mortem is the captain of the airship that Vale joins. He is VERY rough around the edges. Think half Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec, and half Nick Offerman’s MetalBeard from the LEGO Movie. So basically he’s a Nick Offerman Pirate. He’s a fun character to write. Can’t get enough Nick Offerman!  

I can’t really dive into a lot of the other characters without spoiling the plot, but I can say that Vale’s relationships with the guys in the book leave me laughing. They are just as stubborn as she is, which leads to a lot of frustration, conflict and heated arguments. (With some romance thrown in).

8) What are some things about you as an author that people would be surprised to know?

Hmm… Gosh, what shocking reveals do I have up my sleeve? Oh! 

I actually have a book on amazon. But my writing has grown SO much since I first posted it in 2014, that I pretend it doesn’t exist. 

I have over thirty different book ideas that are either finished, half-finished, or are in the process of going into the brainstorming phase. Ideas are never my problem. 

I like to write between one and four books at a time so that whenever I hit a wall I can jump onto another project. 

I write different types of scenes at different times of the day. Heartbreak is very much a 12 am to 2 am writing slot. I have to be alone because tears happen. I like to edit from 11 am to 5 pm because it requires A LOT of brain power to remember all of the characters, stories, and foreshadowing I need to set up and pay off. And I tend to be pretty awake at that time of the day. Writing the actual story or brand new ideas is very much a 6 pm to 11 pm time slot. It’s when I am just tired enough to not question my ideas and because I am a night owl, I get A LOT done!

It’s a Mob Life for this Mob Wife – Meet @mafiagirl_writer

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Wattpad Author Interview #2 – mafiagirl_writer

Love. Passion. Danger. Smoking. Hot. Romance. 🔥 These are only a fraction of the words that can easily describe, Mob Wife, written by the lovely Wattpad author, mafiagirl_writer. This story follows a young woman named Chloe Adams, the daughter of William, a powerful figure who has arranged for her to marry, Anderi, leader of the Russian Mafia — however, things get complicated when Chloe defies her father and refuses to give in to the arrangement, snubbing Anderi, a hot dominant man known for having a seedy reputation of being a womanizer — and also known for always getting what he wants, by any means necessary.

As a romance author with two published stories currently available on the site, mafiagirl_writer’s favorite genres for story-writing involve those surrounding romance and erotica. Her love for reading stories about mafia leaders falling in love has heavily influenced her drive to write sexy romances where the alpha male mafia leader is irresistibly drawn to women who tempt them into playing a game of hard to get.

Not having an initial confidence to write, mafiagirl_writer has found some of her challenges in the writing to be somewhat of a threshold from having to overcome writer’s block to figuring out what should come next to help create an enticing plot. Having been a part of the Wattpad community for three years, mafiagirl_writer has come a long way into developing her talent and meeting some amazing people on Wattpad to help in her journey along the way. As every author thrives off of some form of motivation, mafiagirl_writer has learned to combat her challenges in writing with the support of many people who have been enjoying her awesome creations.

Be sure to check out mafiagirl_writer’s lovely story, Mob Wife on Wattpad today!

Meet the Lovely Liza Lewis, Author of Company Ink

Wattpad Author Interview #1 – Liza Lewis

She’s witty, pretty, and the author of seven published stories currently available on Wattpad. As an established author totaling almost 200,000 reads collectively with an impeccable level of talent, watch as Liza Lewis joins me to discuss her lovely book, Company Ink — a contemporary office romance guaranteed to knock you to your knees in laughs and love as the main character, Cassie, gets caught up in a steamy love triangle.

Learn all about Liza, who is an absolute pleasure to talk to, and her upcoming works and check out the story live on Wattpad now:

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